Bedroom should be a sanctuary—a place of quiet retreat amidst a busy day; a spot to unwind while changing out of work clothes; or even a relaxing room in which to watch the evening news. Most of all, a bedroom should be the most comfortable and calming place to rest a weary body after the close of a long day.

However, many of us do not know how to decorate a bedroom. Many times our bedrooms receive our leftovers. We often focus on our living rooms or kitchens, places that the guests can see, and neglect the room where we will spend more than one-third of our lives!

How to Decorate and Design a Bedroom

Below you will find steps for decorating your bedroom along with tips on how to decorate a beautiful bedroom with style

Lay a Foundation With Furnishings for Bedroom

  • A common problem in most rooms is too much furniture or furnishings that are too large for the space—or both. Give yourself room to breathe in your living room by carefully choosing bedroom furniture that fits the scale of your bedroom, and decluttering often.

Invest Wisely on your Bedroom furniture

  • You can skimp on your comforter, rug, and curtains, but don’t try to go cheap on your mattress, pillows or sheets. Paying a bit more for these foundational items will help you have a good night’s rest and may save you from neck and back pain, headaches and more.

Decide on Color that’ll suite your bedroom

  • If you are a morning person, try choosing a lighter color scheme for your living room. The less you enjoy the early mornings, the darker and more sophisticated you can go with your color palette, which may feel oppressive to early risers.

Layer Your Lighting

  • Lighting is a very important consideration in a bedroom. Overhead lighting in a living room is fine, but don’t forget to add bedside lamps and other task-specific lighting. If you work the daily crossword puzzle in bed or always put on makeup in your bedroom mirror, be sure to add specific lighting in those areas to suit your needs.

Choose Soft Furnishings and Decor

  • Throw pillows and blankets are kind of like icing on a cake—not necessary but certainly a bonus if you have them! Don’t feel pressured to spend a lot of money on these items. Throw blankets usually need to be replaced every few years and pillows patterns often become passé.

Add the Final Touches

Buying small décor and artwork is where most people tend to begin decorating, but it is actually where one should end the decorating process. Choose accessories to compliment your space, and be careful to not overdo it. One beautiful painting or a perfect scattering of small photos atop a dresser is often all one needs to add a finishing touch to a bedroom.